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Where is Zuvuyaland ?

This lovely 3 1/2 acre parkland is near Lake Taupo,  the HEART of the North Island of New Zealand.

The address is....... 75 Acacia Heights Drive, Acacia Bay, Taupo

 ( see map at very bottom)

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Vision of  Zuvuyaland

 It was in 1991 that Vivien Johnson, a woman in her sixties at the time,  had a vision of establishing a 'natural sanctuary' where the trees and plants were cared for organically and where people  could wander and feel the peace and generous health giving elements of the Nature Kingdom.

She was also aware of the mostly 'unseen realms' of the Elemental Beings and the Angelic Kingdom. She would often play Vivaldi's music to them via her CD player and she welcomed dance and the playing of various instruments on the land.

"This is a place for all people and the Shining Ones" she would say, " and it's a place where the NEW energy can come in, the energy of peace, joy and love ! "

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Visitors come from all over the world to walk and replenish, to rest or meditate, to dance and sing in among the trees on Zuvuyaland. Some people come because they are sensitive to the subtle energies of the land and the unseen realms which are recognised and cared for  here. Some come for the healing quality of  the 'Nature Kingdom' and to walk 'the Spiral'. Many locals come just to enjoy the peacefulness of this 'hidden jewel'. Our local Steiner Kindergarten community come each year for their Spring Festival.Children love it here. Visitors to the nearby Tauhara Centre,a spiritual, cultural and educational Conference and Retreat Centre, are told of Zuvuyaland and many visit, as do many guests of the bordering 'Acacia Heights Gardens ' a beautiful boutique B&B.

All who come with respectful presence are welcome.

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Always open

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Who takes care of Zuvuyaland

A Natural Haven

Zuvuyaland is run as a private Charitable Trust and is also under the Queen Elizabeth II Trust of NZ.

It is physically cared for mainly by local 'Friends of Zuvuyaland'. Everyone who feels a love of Zuvuyaland is invited to  help with it's organic care by pulling some weeds from time to time ( eg. cherry tree seedlings) or clearing the flow form /waterfall area of fallen leaves.From minutes to hours, all help is gratefully received.

              "Many hands make light work."

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This is located at the bottom of the entry path. It contains a brief 'herstory' in words and photos, plus a map for the special walks.

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Home: About

Special Walks



The Spiral when formed in 1991

Walking the Spiral today

Z. Spiral 2020.jpg
Z.spiral rock aglow.jpg

Central rock aglow in the sunlight

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The Flowform Waterfall

Vivien, in photo, named this the 'Female Chalice' and had the 'flow form' waterfall created here. It is now enclosed beneath a canopy of ponga ferns, Japanese maple trees and more, a home for the 'piwakawaka', our little fantails who flit about chirping in the cool surrounds.

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Home: Tour the Garden

The HIGH Rocks

This high rock formation was thought of as the Male energy area and is a place for exploring, for 'over view', for contemplation and strength gathering.

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Zuvuya _ .jpeg
Home: Tickets

Financial care of Zuvuyaland


DONATIONS from visitors are our main source of income at present. 


Lawn mowing, from the entrance to and all around the Spiral, costs around $300 NZ  per year.

Tree this parkland /forest continues to mature we are having to bring down one or two trees a year to make room for others ( mostly slower growing natives) coming through.

Flow form/ Waterfall Maintenance

The water is now flowing again, thanks to a very generous donor, but there will be need of ongoing maintainence costs. 


Make an online donation through Give a Little.

You can make a cash donation into the donation box on the land.

You can contact Trustee, Deborah Sim,

to find out how to make a one off donation or set up a regular monthly donation directly to the Zuvuyaland Trust,

or   phone 0275638652

Donations of $5 or more are tax deductible 


Home: Mission

A book created by Vernon Smith ...a written and pictorial journey from the very beginnings to present day. 
These are available for $35 nz, plus postage.
$10 will be gifted to the Zuvuyaland Trust.
See below for contact email.

Home: Opening Hours

Accommodation nearby

Acacia Heights Gardens, 53 Acacia Heights Drive, Taupo, 07 377 6160, 020 4159 8115,

Tauhara Centre
60 Acacia Heights Drive,
RD 5,
Taupo 3385
New Zealand.

Phone (07) 378 7507 
Fax (07) 378 7528

Home: Upcoming Events


April and Vernon Smith are the local contacts for Zuvuyaland.


or phone: 07 3774440



Deborah Sim

027 563 8652

Judy Frost-Evans

021 112 1244

Home: Contact
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